Diplomatic Service


The Diplomatic Service (hereinafter referred to as DS) is a contributory organisation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic with an independent legal personality. DS was established by the Decision of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic No. 5 of 1 January 1993. The main objective of the DS is primarily the management and maintenance of real estate property of the Czech Republic, ensuring its modernisation and reconstruction, and its provision for use mainly by embassies of other states.

The buildings that are rented to these diplomatic missions are used to represent the individual states, to provide a location for important international visits, and other activities related to the operation of state diplomatic corps. For these reasons, the care of this real estate property is above standard, precise, and often costly in every respect.
The cost of this care results from the considerable historical and artistic value of the objects entrusted.


Other activities of the DS include the rental of movable assets and provision of some other services as required by embassies, or international organisations and integration groups. The DS plays an equally important role in fulfilling reciprocity between foreign states and the Czech Republic in accordance with the Vienna Convention. At the same time, the DS acts as an intermediary in the mutual provision of land and buildings, which are subsequently used during individual diplomatic missions. The DS is entitled to use the entrusted assets that are temporarily unused within the above mentioned activity also on a commercial basis under the conditions stipulated by generally applicable legal regulations of the Czech Republic.

The content of the DS’s activities is regulated in detail by the Statute of the Diplomatic Service dated August 01, 2019. In performing its tasks, the DS cooperates closely with individual sections of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.