Na Baště sv. Jiří 258/7, Prague 6

The villa is located in a quiet residential part of Prague in the cadastral territory of Hradčany, near the Prague Castle. It is a four-storey corner villa with a small yard, which was completely renovated in 2007. There are two entrances to the premises; the main entrance takes the form of a wide staircase leading from the street to the entrance hall. The side entrance leads through gates and a passage through the courtyard. In the middle of the area is a stone staircase in the shape of the letter “V” with terrazzo landings. The property includes a paved yard with a total area of 106 m2. The premises are heated by a gas boiler with central water heating, located in the basement, which is operated by the Diplomatic Service.

Space on the ground floor of the building

In this villa, we offer for rent a space on the 1st floor, consisting of three a rooms, two a storage rooms, two a toilets, two a anterooms and a corridor, all with a floor area
of 150.91 m2.
The apartment is not furnished. Building is heated by a central gas boiler room operated by the Diplomatic Service.

  • If you are interested in a viewing, please contact the Rental Relations and Client Center Department of the Diplomatic Service,
    Telephone numbers: +420 224 403 227, +420 224 403 231, +420 224 403 138,