Apartment with design lighting on the 1st floor with a total area of 76,73 m2

The apartment is designed with an entrance hall, kitchen, two rooms, a bathroom with a shower, a toilet with a bidet shower, and a balcony, which is accessible both from the apartment and from the common corridor in the house.

The kitchen includes a kitchen unit with all appliances. The rooms have original wooden renovated ceilings. The rooms have plenty of storage space thanks to the cabinet wall and custom-made chests of drawers. The entrance hall also has plenty of storage space thanks to a bespoke hallway wall.

The original casement windows are refurbished and their shading is solved by internal roller blinds. The doors are also original and refurbished.

In the kitchen, entrance hall, and bathroom the floor covering is cast terazzo. In the bathroom, underfloor heating is installed. In the other rooms, there is parquet flooring.

The apartment is not furnished.

The apartment is equipped with an electronic security system, an electronic fire alarm, including installed smoke sensors. The equipment includes structured cabling consisting of a TV cable, a telephone cable and a fibre optic data cable. A home telephone is also available.

  • The historic building is heated by a central gas boiler room operated by the Diplomatic Service.

    If you are interested in a viewing, please contact the Rental Relations and Client Center Department of the Diplomatic Service,
    telephone numbers: +420 224 403 227, +420 224 403 231, +420 224 403 138,
    e-mail: ClientCenter@ds.cz