V Tišině 475/6

Original owners

On September 29, 1921, a building permit was issued by building authority, which allowed the owner, Jaroslav Jahn, to move into his new Bubeneč villa1. Ing. Jaroslav Jahn (1873–1940) was a personality, whose significance correspondended to the character of the place and who was one of the first to determine, what the composition of the inhabitants of this area would look like.

He was the director of the important company Novák and Jahn, which was founded by his father together with the Imperial Council J. V. Novák in 1873, and which was specialized in machinery for breweries and distilleries. Among other things, it supplied, for example, machinery for the first construction of the Budvar brewery. In 1929 it merged with Škoda´s plants and Jaroslav Jahn became their general director.

Equally, significantly, Ing. Jahn later entered the history of golf in Bohemia – together with Baron František Ringhofer and the British Ambassador Sir G. R. Clerk in 1926, he was a founding member of the General Assembly of the oldest golf club in Bohemia, Golf Club Prague2.

Villa architecture

The project of the villa was presented by the architect Václav Pilc, the autthor and owner of the multifunctional functionalist hotel AXA Na Poříčí 1051/40, Prague 13, as a house of traditional arrangement and division. The ground floor was clearly social. The house was entered from the side through a porch covered with a portico on three pillars, from the small hall was accessible cloakroom and opposite the drawing room. Behind the drawing room was a large staircase hall, from which was possible to walk into a living room, dining room or garden. The larges room was a dining room for 12 persons.

The first floor was purely just for family. The room above the living room was reserved for lady´s bedroom, which was adjacent to the smaller master bedroom on one side and the daughter´s bedroom on the other. The sons had an accessible room separately from the hall. The attic was purely storage. In the basement was the caretaker´s apartment, boiler room and laundry.

Václav Pilc adittionally designed a garden with prefectly geometrically arranged flower beds and detailed indication of planting4.


History of the villa

Villa original owner, Ing. Jaroslav Jahn sold it to the English-Czechoslovak Bank in Prague in 1923, and after 5 years it sold it to another Director of the Škoda Company in Pilsen, Mr. Ing. Gustav Müller5. The villa, like its many neighbors, passed into the hand of state in 1948, and was entrusted to the Services Management of the Diplomatic Corps in Prague, whose successor organization is the Diplomatic Service.
Lessee of the villa has been the Embassy of Afghanistan in Prague for more, than 30 years, and the house is currently used by the Embassy of the Republic of Peru.


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